Evangelia (Lila) Daskalaki
Publications & Presentations
  • Daskalaki, E. and M. Mavrogiorgos (2016) ‘Two ways of encoding location in Greek: Locative Applicatives and Prepositions', Glossa, 1(1):16. 1-33. DOI: http://doi.org/10.5334/gjgl.74
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  • Daskalaki, E. (2009) ‘Case (Mis)matching Patterns in Free Relatives’, PhD Thesis, University of Cambridge (Supervisor: Prof Ian Roberts).
  • Daskalaki, E. (2003)  ‘Comparative Deletion and Subdeletion in Greek’, MPhil Thesis, University of Oxford (with distinction; Supervisor: Prof Gillian Ramchand).
  • Daskalaki, E. (2001) ‘Seferis, Elytis, Palamas: The Role of Language in Poetry’, BA Thesis, University of Athens (with distinction; Supervisor: Prof George Babiniotis).
Conference Presentations (Selected)
  • Locative Predicates and Arguments in Greek. ICGL 12  (International Conference on Greek Linguistics),  Freie Universität, Berlin, September 2015 (with Marios Mavrogiorgos)
  • Genitive Locative Predicates in Greek. ACOL (Alberta Conference on Linguistics), University of Alberta,  Edmonton, November 2014 (with Marios Mavrogiorgos)
  • The multi-functionality of the indefinite/interrogative stab in Lushootseed. 48th International Conference on Salish and Neighboring Languages, University of Victoria, August 2013 (with David Beck)
  •  Indirect Object Resumption in Greek Relative Clauses. 2nd Conference on Linguistic Interfaces, University of Ulster, December 2010 (with Marios Mavrogiorgos)
  • Towards a Uniform Account of Resumption and Clitic Doubling: the Case of Indirect Objects in Greek. 3rd Mediterranean Syntax Meeting, University of Athens, October 2010 (with Marios Mavrogiorgos)
  • Case Mis-matching in Free Relatives. 34th Penn Linguistics Colloquium, University of Pennsylvania, March 2010                                                  
  • Mismatches in Greek Free Relatives. ICGL9, University of Chicago, October 2009
  • Free Relatives as Complex DPs: Rethinking the Head vs. Comp Account Controversy. Cambridge – Nanzan Linguistic Linguistic Consortium Symposium, Nanzan University, February 2007
  • Free Relatives in Modern Greek: The Case Matching Puzzle. 27th International Conference on Greek Linguistics, Aristotle University, May 2006
  • Free Relatives in Modern Greek: The Case Matching Puzzle. Workshop on the Morpho-Syntax of Modern Greek, Harvard University, July 2005
Invited Presentations 
  • On the acquisition of Greek as a Heritage Language, Acquisition Reading Group, University of Alberta, March 2016

  • Two ways of encoding location in Greek, Syntaxlab, University of Cambridge, September 2015 (with Marios Mavrogiorgos)
  • On the multi-functionality of stab ‘thing, something, what’ in Lushootseed, Morphology Reading Group, University of Alberta, June 2013
  • Against a PF account of IO resumption in Greek Free and Restrictive relatives, Athens Reading Group, June 2010 (with Marios Mavrogiorgos)
  • How Free are Free Relatives? Colloquium, University of Alberta, February 2010

Guest Lectures
  • Devices of encoding grammatical relations within and across languages, Guest Lecture, LING 101, University of Alberta, December 2016

  • On letters and sounds in Greek, Guest Lecture, LING 325 Writing Systems, University of Alberta, October 2015 and October 2016 

  • Semantic Roles and Grammatical Relations, Guest Lecture, LING 101 Introduction to Linguistics, University of Alberta, March 2015
  • ​Current Writing Practices in Greece: Greek, Greeklish, & Engreek, Guest Lecture, LING 325 Writing Systems, University of Alberta, March 2013